Why College Athletes?

How College Athletes Provide a Unique Experience

At Top Tier, we focus on using the unique experience and perspective that college athletes have, in order to build lifelong connections for you and your kids. It may seem crazy, but these coaches were their age not too long ago. More importantly, they are still playing! So, let's dive into what sets us apart from others and why learning from college athletes will take your kids to the next level.


College athletes know exactly what your kid is going through and can help them implement their goals in a helpful and constructive way. Empathy is an important aspect to coaching, but unfortunately, it isn’t emphasized enough. So many coaches, clubs, and training programs have talented staff, but have trouble relating to the individual struggles that every champion must go through on their journey through athletics. College athletes, who use their passion for teaching, serve as invaluable mentors and role models. Young athletes can look up to their coach and see themselves in him or her. In a similar way, these young coaches can look down on these kids and see themselves too. College athletes not only have the maturity and experience to teach at an extremely high level, but they haven’t forgotten where they came from. What feels like just a blink of an eye, these athletes were in middle school, then high school, then BOOM! They are competing at some of the highest levels in college sports. They vividly remember the process of getting there and know how to be a mentor for others along the same path they already took. This understanding and empathy that these coaches have is simply unmatched, and the individual connections that are built could last a lifetime.

Still Active!

One thing college athletes can provide, which no other coach or program can do, is that they are currently playing their respective sport. Learning from someone that is still doing exactly what he or she teaches can be extremely rewarding. Your kids get “on the ground” and updated advice that only current players would know. College athletes have the ability to accurately represent what is going on today, in their practice and in their games. They will bring their high level culture and standards to every session, and no one can replicate it better than them!

Passion and Energy

In shape, ready to go, and excited as ever to spread their elite knowledge, college athletes will NEVER get burned out. The worst thing ever is working with a coach who is not focused, worn out from years of work, and using the same old training plans. College athletes are dynamic, creative, and always ready to try new and beneficial drills. They aren’t going to sit back and watch either… Eager to teach through their actions, college athletes will always play along, building those connections even further, and will create sessions that aren’t just one sided. Instead, they will be running and working right alongside, truly defining what it means to have an effective 1 on 1 experience.


Top Tier connects successful and dedicated athletes to other successful and dedicated athletes. In other words, we give you the opportunity to find that perfect fit for you and your stars. Lots of programs across the country provide similar, high quality training programs and connections, which we also pride ourselves on supplying. However, our ability to give you and your kids an irreplaceable experience with inspiring college athletes sets us apart from all the others.

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